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Stakes, Çam - Redwood

Ürün: Stakes, Tür: Çam (Pinus sylvestris) - Redwood, Köken: Polonya
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Çam - Redwood

Tür: Çam (Pinus sylvestris) - Redwood, Hacim: 30 - 500 m3 aylık


KPPD-Szczecinek SA is presently one of the biggest producer of sawn timber in Poland. We produce about 220,000 m3of softwood timber a year and 40,000 m3hardwood timber a year.

We invest into modern technologies to meet the requirements of our customers. We invest into further wood processing – drying, planing, gluing, optimization of cutting out process of timber defects, treatment and steaming. The high grade of planed products is obtained by multi-head planers. We dry timber conventionally in modern drying chambers controlled automatically. Total single capacity of drying chambers in the whole company is about 5,200 m3. We also have five pressure treatment centres of timber. We treat timber through the pressure-vacuum method with a modern chromium-free impregnant - Wolmanit CX-10. We also offer a service of colouring the timber for the colour bronze. CUSTOMER CARE We have introduced ISO 9001:2000 system to ensure our clients with the highest quality of our products and services. Every year our company is audited by ISO authorities with a positive result. We take care of nature – we buy wooden raw material from approved sources. We certify our products with FSC certificate that warranties acquisition of wood without robbing forest management. THE INDIVIDUAL APPROACH TO CUSTOMER Every customer is treated individually. We negotiate specific prices and delivery terms with every customer. We offer help with shipping services. We also take special orders, non-typical measurements, short series of products. BROAD SCOPE OF CUSTOMERS We sell wooden products both on domestic and international markets. We count our domestic clients among building woodwork producers, furniture factories, wholesale sellers, producers of garden equipment and wooden glued products, carpentry shops and treatment plants of railway sleepers. We send our products mainly on UE markets. The Company’s operations do not put the natural environment in danger. All the production processes are carried out in compliance with the requirements of environmental protection authorities. Energy applied in some of the technological processes comes from recycling. Only sawdust is used in our boiler houses which significantly limits the pollution emitted into the atmosphere in comparison with a coal-run boiler houses

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KDV No: PL 6730006231
ciro: 10 000 000-50 000 000 EUR (Euro)
çalışanlar: 1000+
Creation Date: 1950
Üyelik tarihi: 08/07/2008