Andremax Sp.z o.o.

Our company offers for Oversized wood deciduous and coniferous and lumber dry and wet. We also provide transport services and sawmill services.

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“ANDREMAX” is a family owned company conducting its business since more than 10 yrs. We are focusing on selling round hardwood and well as softwood. We are also producing and selling plank as well other elements out of wood according to costumer’s needs.

Having its own sawmill with a whole range of other sawmill equipments we are also serving clients form outside. Our company owns a fleet of specialty vehicles to upload and transport wood and wood products. Due to our long-term experience in the wood industry we are differentiated from others. Our team is qualified, honest and vey engaged. Every client is being treated individually in order to cope with the client's needs and requirements.


******, Andremax Sp.z o.o.
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