Polivinilklorid (PVC), Vinyl (decorative) Flooring

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Tür Vinyl (decorative) flooring
İç malzeme Polivinilklorid (PVC)
Bitiş malzemesi Plastik laminate kaplama - vinil


Hacim 3 - 1000 m2 (sqm) aylık Dönüştürmek
Boyutlar 5/0.55x1220x181mm / XL - 5.2/0,50 x 1524 x 223mm
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    SPC Vinyl Flooring is a water resistant solution for bathrooms, kitchens, spas or other areas. The product has an exclusive and delicate texture creating a unique setting in spaces which constitute key areas in a home and in the daily routine of people. The 5 mm thick and 0.55 mm wear layer make the flooring a durable and adequately resistant product.
    The new range of RIO CLIC SPC XL Vinyl Flooring is the ideal option for environments where a high moisture level is present, namely in bathrooms, kitchens, spas or other spaces (offices, event rooms, hotels), as it enables the flooring in all areas to be uniform.

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