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Tür Şeritler
Ağaç türlerinin türü Avrupa sert ağaç
Tür Meşe (Avrupa)
Köken Ukrayna
Temel özellik FSC
Bölge Cherkassy area


Hacim 1 - 1 truckload aylık Dönüştürmek
Kalınlık 3.0; 3.3; 3.6; 3.8; 4.0; 4.2; 5.0; 6.2 mm  Dönüştürmek
Genişlik 67-305 mm Dönüştürmek
Uzunluk 420-2900 mm Dönüştürmek
Derecelendirme sistemi Avrupa sınıflandırma kuralları
Kalite A/B/C/D
Drying Fırın kuru (KD)
Nem içeriği 6-8 %
Sertifikasyon FSC
We are a highly efficient enterprise in the woodworking industry of Ukraine. Our oak lamella is used for the manufacture of parquet boards and decorative elements. Our products are widely known in the domestic and European markets.
Modern European equipment (Wintersteiger, Ledinek, TermoLegno) allows us to work with high precision, qualified specialists with unique knowledge and skills in working with valuable species of wood - all this guarantees high quality products.

The main products of the company are oak lamellas with a thickness of 3.0 mm to 6.2 mm, a length of up to 3000 mm and a width of 67mm to 305 mm. Tolerances and dimensions can be changed according to individual orders.

Efficient lamella production technology allows to obtain the highest quality workpieces while preserving the natural physical properties, color and texture of wood.

Fiyat ve Koşullar

Fiyat talep üzerine
Incoterm EXW - ex-works (satıcı), mallar satıcının yerdesiniz Ülke Ukrayna Bölge Cherkassy area
Için Satıyor: Dünya çağında


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