Planya (1 Taraf Planya Kalınlık) GRIGGIO PS 400 Kullanılmış Polonya

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Kategori tipi Freze ve planya makineleri
Kategori Planya (1 taraf planya Kalınlık)
Model PS 400


Öğenin Durumu Kullanılmış
Üretim tarihi -
Hacim 1 - 1
Tanım - machine in stock
- after the technical review
- very good condition
- Italian production


- shaft width 400 mm
- planing height 195 mm
- 4 kW main engine
- two types of feed speed
- one upper pulling toothed shaft
- one receiving steel shaft
- a row of pawls
- shaft diameter 115 mm
- diameter of the stub pipe 120 mm
- three knives


- length / width / height 100 x 85 x 110 cm
- weight ~ 600 kg

Thicknesser is a basic carpentry machine used in carpentry. It is used to level the surface and give various elements a uniform thickness. The main element of the machine is the horizontal planing shaft. Parallel to it is a guide table. The planing height is adjusted via the table. It is used to set the final dimension of the element. The table can be manually and electrically adjustable. Shaft rotational speed is of great importance in the quality of the processed material. It can be about 4500 rpm with four knives on the shaft, and 6000 rpm with two knives. It should also be remembered that machines of this type should be stable. It is mainly influenced by the weight of the device.

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