Stakes, Çam - Redwood

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Ürün Stakes
Ağaç türlerinin türü Avrupa Yumuşak ahşap
Tür Çam (Pinus sylvestris) - Redwood
Köken Rusya
Bölge Vologda region


Hacim 27 - 500 m3 Spot - 1 kez
Çap 100 mm
Uzunluk 5 m
Kalite 1
Tanım Cylindered pinewood stakes, impregnated in autoclave by using Tanalit-E antiseptic in accordance with the 4th class of impregnation.
Diameter: 100 mm; length - 5 meters.
Manufacturing method: the bark is removed by peeling wooden stake over its whole length (cylindrically).
The top of the stake can be chamfered upon customer’s request; the bottom of the stake is sharpened in the form of a quadrangular pyramid.
Stakes can be used for intensive orchards constructions, fences, paddocks and wildlife protection.
Available at company’s warehouse at the moment.

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Fiyat talep üzerine
Incoterm FCA - serbest taşıyıcı itibariyle Ülke Rusya Bölge Khokhlovo, Vologda region
Için Satıyor: Dünya çağında


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