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Tür Komidinler
Ürün adı Francescs
Köken Rusya
Bölge RNO-Alania
Stil Classic
Ana Malzeme türü Avrupa sert ağaç
Ana Malzeme Kayın (Avrupa)


Hacim 400 - 4000 parçalar Spot - 1 kez
Boyutlar 1600*1000*780
Renk Dark walnut, walnut, teona, wenge, white, ivory, milky, white gloss, milky gloss
Sertifikasyon 9403
Standart yada norm EAC
Tanım The table-top is oval, the base is MDF, the facing of the face is from 2 sides with sliced ​​veneer. The front cladding is made with inlay elements, in which the claddings are assembled from individual pieces of veneer, forming a decorative pattern that emphasizes the contour of the table top. These claddings are made by hand by highly qualified specialists. One worker is able to make facings for 4 tables per shift. The outer edges are veneered with sliced ​​veneer around the perimeter. The inner edges are not veneered. Solid inserts, size 400x800 - 2 pcs. are freely located in the underframe of the table. During storage, the surfaces of the inserts are protected from scratches by felt pads. The synchronous sliding mechanism, with built-in latches, ensures smooth sliding of the half-covers, without visible efforts, it is enough to release the lock with a simple finger press, open the half-covers, remove the inserts from the underframe and install them between the half-covers. The use of this mechanism allows you to quickly expand and fold the tabletop, which simplifies assembly and improves its appearance. Permissible load - 60kg. The sliding mechanism guarantees durability and high quality. Manufactured in Thailand. Curbstones-2 pcs. turned, cylindrical, located symmetrically in the center of the table, connected by a projection and 4 curly legs, in the lower ends of which there are adjustable legs, making it possible to level the height of the table with uneven floors. The details have a highly artistic relief profile, give the product a graceful look and create maximum comfort when sitting at the table. The parts are made of solid beech, which are processed on Italian high-precision machining centers.

Fiyat ve Koşullar

Fiyat 657 USD başına parçalar
Incoterm EXW - ex-works (satıcı), mallar satıcının yerdesiniz Ülke Rusya Bölge RNO-Alania
Delivery deadline Fazla 30 gün içinde sipariş üzerine mevcuttur
Için Satıyor: Dünya çağında


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