Yakacak Odun; Parçalanmış – Parçalanmamış Yakacak Odun – Parçalanmış Huş Ağacı

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Ana tip Yakacak Odun; Parçalanmış – Parçalanmamış
Tür Yakacak Odun – Parçalanmış
Köken Rusya
Bölge Владимирская область


Hacim 1 - 10 truckload aylık
Ağaç türlerinin türü Avrupa sert ağaç
Tür Huş ağacı (Avrupa)
Nem Tayin KD
Uzunluk 29-30 cm
Nem içeriği 10-15 %
Sertifikasyon ISPM 15

Breed: Birch
Rot: Not allowed
Transverse dimension: min. 8 cm, max. 15 cm
Split: Each piece of wood must be split into at least two pieces.
Branches and twigs: Chopped off, the height of the remaining branches is not more than 30 mm.
Not allowed: Mold and blue, rot.
Contamination: Firewood is free of charring, coal or soot contamination, and does not contain metal, plastic or other foreign materials. Radioactive contamination and contamination with toxic substances are not allowed. It is not allowed to use any means of chemical protection of wood from pests and decay.
Length: 29cm +/- 1cm
Moisture: No more than 18% in the center of the log.
Net weight: 15kg
Packaging: In mesh bags, size 48x68 cm, with side seam, UV-resistant for 12 months. with a black tightening tape 15 mm wide, stacked on pallets 100x120cm (or 90x110cm) in the amount of 66 bags per pallet, wrapped with a pallet net.
The firewood is wrapped with a 5-layer pallet net.

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Fiyat talep üzerine
Incoterm FCA - serbest taşıyıcı itibariyle Ülke Rusya Bölge Владимирская область
Delivery deadline Stok
Için Satıyor: Dünya çağında


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