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Ürün Stakes
Ağaç türlerinin türü Avrupa Yumuşak ahşap
Tür Çam (Pinus sylvestris) - Redwood
Köken Rusya
Bölge Vologda Region


Hacim 30 - 3000 m3 yıllık
Çap 40-140 mm
Uzunluk 1-4 m
Kalite 1
Tanım Debarked (peeled) pinewood stakes, impregnated in autoclave by using Tanalit-E antiseptic in accordance with 3rd and 4th classes of impregnation.
Diameter: 40-140 mm; length – maximum 4 meters.
Manufacturing method: the bark is removed by peeling wooden stake over its whole length (not cylindrically).
The top of the stake is chamfered; the bottom of the stake is sharpened in the form of a quadrangular pyramid.
The top and the bottom of the stake have different diameters.
The best option for vineyard and intensive gardens constructions, fences, paddocks and wildlife protection.
We also can supply unimpregnated debarked stakes of the same dimensions.
Product prices are available upon request.

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