Kalıp Kirişieri, Çam - Redwood, Ladin - Whitewood

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Tür Kalıp Kirişieri
Ağaç türlerinin türü Avrupa Yumuşak ahşap
Tür Çam (Pinus sylvestris) - Redwood, Ladin (Picea abies) - Whitewood


Hacim 1 - 40000 m aylık
Kiriş kalınlığı 200 mm
Kiriş genişliği 80 mm
Kiriş uzunluğu 2650; 3000; 3600; 3900 mm
Tutkal Waterproof polyurethane adhesive
Tanım Formwork wooden I-beam is used as a bearing element in prefabricated formwork system in cast concrete floors
construction. It is used in the manufacturing of formwork systems for various areas of construction: floors, walls, tanks,
bridge structures, complex geometric shapes, etc.

The beam performs the function of distributing the load that the reinforced concrete exerts on the elements of the
formwork system. Together with a telescopic stand, a tripod and a universal fork, the I-beam is an integral part of the
monolithic slab formwork.

Structure: upper and lower flanges (coniferous dried wooden beams 40x80 mm) connected by the web (waterproof FSF
birch plywood 21-27 mm wide).

Flanges are connected to the web with a double tongue and groove connection by means of waterproof polyurethane
adhesive. The construction of the beam rules out the possibility of ungluing under the load. To protect the beam from
moisture it is painted with yellow acrylic paint.

Bending strength: up to 5,0 kNm
Shear force: under 11 kN

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