Etiketler – İstifleme Çubukları, Yeni

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Tür Etiketler – İstifleme Çubukları
durum yeni
Köken Hırvatistan
Bölge Osječko-baranjska


Hacim 1 - 30 truckload aylık
Ağaç türlerinin türü Avrupa sert ağaç
Tür gürgen
Yükseklik 20; 25 mm
Genişlik 30 mm
Uzunluk 106; 110 mm
Tanım Profiled slats are intended as the subject material during phytosanitary and heat treatment.
It is made from hornbeam, the wood that does not contain tannin and as such does not leave traces on the dried elements.
Vento sticks allow better air circulation during the drying process of elements since the contact surface is miniature. This product can be ordered in any dimension and as such, we guarantee it will satisfy your desires.

We are also able to deliver tank quantities of slats in a very short time. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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