Avrupa Sert Ağaç, Solid Wood, Kayın

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Tür Mobilya Bileşenleri
İç malzeme Solid wood
Masif Tipi Avrupa sert ağaç
Tür Kayın (Avrupa)
Kısa açıklama Logged elements, beech core


Hacim 100 - 1000 pieces Spot - 1 kez
Boyutlar Length 150-1500 mm, width up to 1000 mm, thickness up to 120 mm
Tanım We manufacture logged elements - of the highest quality, with a beech core and any lining. These are furniture elements such as tables, chairs, table tops as well as steps and stair posts. Elements of the lower class are glued together, creating the so-called "core" . The material on the top layer can be native species such as beech, oak, ash, apple tree, pear or black oak. We are able to offer every available wood species in the world. Element from photos in size: 700x70x70 mm. External cladding is available in thicknesses from 2 mm - 10 mm. The most popular thicknesses are 3.5 mm and 4 mm. - Translated with google

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