Doğal Kontrplak, Elliotis Çam

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Plywood tipi Doğal Kontrplak
(*)LBL_SpeciesFaceType Güney Amerika yumuşak ağaçlar
Türler - yüz Elliotis Çam (Pinus Elliotis)
(*)LBL_SpeciesInnerPliesType Güney Amerika yumuşak ağaçlar
Tür – iç katmanlar – alternatif katmanlar Elliotis Çam (Pinus Elliotis)
(*)LBL_SpeciesBackFaceType Güney Amerika yumuşak ağaçlar


Hacim 48 - 500 m3 Spot - 1 kez
Kalınlık 18 mm
Genişlik 1220 mm
Uzunluk 2440 mm
Yoğunluk 650 kg/m3
Tutkal WBP exterior
Sınıf CpC
Sertifikalar ve ihracat belgeleri FSC, DoP
Kullanım Packaging industry
Kullanım gereksinimleri Suya dayanıklı
Yüzey touch sanded
Finish oryantasyon yüzleri ve uzun kenarları
Sertifikasyon FSC
  • Teknik dosya1
  • Tanım Combined subfloor and underlayment panel, designed specifically for single-layer floor construction, with a solid surface to
    be used beneath carpet and pad or when other finish floor products are used. Also excellent for industrial applications.
    AU-MEX operates three plywood mills and two veneer mills located in the highlands of Southern Brazil.

    The capacity of softwood plywood production exceeds 350.000m3 per year, which become among the ten most substantial
    plywood producers in the world with export markets covering Europe, North and Central America, the Middle East, and Asia.
    AU-MEX is the importer representing the mills in Brazil, producing softwood plywood. They manufacture the plywood from the
    plantation harvesting Slash Pine (pinus elliotti) and Loblolly Pine (pinus taeda) logs between 18 to 30 years old, being most of
    the raw material is coming from FSC certified plantations.

    The use of unique production techniques such as grading for veneer density, strict control over the limitation of defects
    allowed in the outer layers of the panels, enables the structural grades to meet the most demanding requirements for loadbearing

    The strict control of the grading of veneers and the use of specially skilled staff repairing the plies (using solid wood and
    synthetic patches) enable the creating of higher grades with a wide range of surfaces.
    That will provide a solid face for concrete shuttering as well as a defect-free surface suitable for smooth finishing.
    No matter what surface grade of plywood you order. All are manufactured using phenolic resins to provide a 100% waterproof
    glue suitable for continual exposure to the elements and use in steamy atmospheres such as kitchens and bathrooms.
    In the following pages, more detailed information is given on the panel types, grades, thicknesses, and glue bond, etc. which
    will assist the reader in selecting the correct kind of plywood. So, no matter what the end-use application, whether it be
    purely decorative or load-bearing. There is an AU-MEX pine plywood panel to match your requirements.

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    Incoterm FOB - Mal ihracat limanında bir gemide yüklenmiş Ülke Brezilya Bölge Paranagua
    Delivery deadline Fazla 30 gün içinde sipariş üzerine mevcuttur
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