Daire Testere EWD DWK 700 Yeni Almanya

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Kategori tipi Masif ağaç, ahşap esaslı panel malzemeler ve plastik malzemelerin işlenmesi için
Kategori Daire testere
Marka EWD
Model DWK 700


Öğenin Durumu Yeni
Üretim tarihi 2019
Hacim 1 - 10 Dönüştürmek
  • Teknik dosya1
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    Flexible double-shaft circular saw for pre- and post-cutting with limit cutters and hydraulically height-adjustable saw shafts. The flexible double-shaft circular saw DWK 700 is used as a pre-cut, post-cut, or combination machine in medium-sized and large sawmills. A total of 6 pairs of flanges can be precisely positioned individually via hydraulic servo systems. For uniform distribution of the current cutting heights, on the upper and lower saw blades, the saw shafts are automatically height-adjustable. For use in the pre-cut, the DWK 700 is equipped with limit cutters, which are height-adjustable together with the saws. This tool arrangement enables a highly efficient cut even with thick wood. Flexible double-shaft circular saw DWK with limit cutters The DWK pre- and post-cut circular saw features a wide range of applications and enormous flexibility. Advantages compared to a traditional gate operation: More main product, less side goods High dimensional accuracy Excellent surface quality No ground vibrations Small space requirement and low mechanization effort Significant relief of the operator on the trimming machine Significant increase in performance at the bottling machine Trimming machine Higher overall availability of the sawing machine through the elimination of felling scrapers Optimum integration of the operator into the trimming machine the operational organization - Translated with google

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