Solid Wood, Meranti, Koyu Kırmızı , Dış Cephe Kaplama

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Tür Dış Cephe Kaplama
İç malzeme Solid wood
Masif Tipi Asya ılıman sert ağaç
Tür Meranti, koyu kırmızı (Nemesu, Seraya kırmızı)
Türlerin kökeni Malezya


Hacim 100 - 10000 m2 (sqm) Spot - 1 kez
Kalınlık 20 mm
Genişlik 90 mm
Uzunluk 1800-5100 mm
Kalite Select&better
Tanım Description: Colour: sapwood is yellowish–grey and 4–8 cm wide, heartwood is pale pink to reddish brown. Lighter pieces can occur that have been produced from logs originating in the southern growth areas. Dry density of the wood ranges with the density of the age–rings between 560 – 860 kg/m³. Dark red Meranti is characterised by uniform texture with slight graining. After drying this wood is dimensionally stable, easy and clean to work with, shows evenly smooth surface, easy to apply surface finish. wood is supplied with moisture content approx. 16–18%.
The contained substances may leak out from areas of fresh cuts and cause colouring of the walls. Therefore, we recommend to treat all cut edges with OSMO Wax for cut edges n. 5735. With Dark Red Meranti it is absolutely essential to use non–corroding fastening means. Natural light greyness after almost half a  year of exposure to weather is normal and doesn’t aect its quality and durability. Colour dierences between individual planks are natural and may be fairly visible.
Wood desity: approx. 560 – 860 kg/m3

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Fiyat 2,23 EUR başına m
Incoterm FCA - serbest taşıyıcı itibariyle Ülke Çek Cumhuriyeti Bölge Prague
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