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Tanım Business - offer for companies from Ukraine
Build your own business with us in Ukraine with us.

About us
We are a Polish family-owned company based on commercial law with many years of experience and a strong, well-founded position on the Polish market and in many European countries. We deal in wood, wood products and wood-based products. Our main registered office and warehouse are located in the southwest of Poland (PL55114 Kryniczno), directly on the S5 highway.
Whom we are looking for
We are looking for cooperation with companies and individuals from Ukraine who are interested in working with us to build or develop your own business in Ukraine. We offer assistance in organization and management of the company in accordance with European standards based on competence and honesty in business.
From the Ukrainian partner we expect knowledge of the industry related to wood, wooden floors or chemical products for wood and business contacts and industry expertise.
Our potential future partner from Ukraine should have own company and at our own expense offer our products on the Ukrainian market. You also need your own funds for the purchase of goods and financing current activities.
From our side, we offer full marketing support, training and perfect quality products that are sought on the market and that allow you to generate high profits.
We are also looking for the possibility of importing products from Ukraine, which can be successfully sold on the Polish and European markets. There is therefore the possibility of simultaneous co-operation in both directions Poland -> Ukraine and Ukraine-> Poland (European Union).
Language for contacts. Current business contacts are possible only in English, German or Polish. Knowledge of one of these languages ​​on a communicative level is a prerequisite for cooperation.
Our products are intended for the Ukrainian market
On the Ukrainian market, we can offer the two highest quality products that have been sold for many years on the Polish market and in many countries in Europe and the world:
• NAVYLAM + exclusive floorboards designed for bathrooms
• CIRANOVA is a special line of chemical products for wood (oils, varnishes, waxes), which are mainly intended for manufacturers and installers of wooden floors, wooden furniture, construction and for individual users.
What you need to do now if you are interested in working with us.
Write a letter to us in English, German or Polish. Write something about yourself and perhaps about the company you are already running. Write about your previous professional experience. Write in what region (city) of Ukraine you conduct activities. If you have one, then send a link to your site, Facebook, Instagram. We will also gladly see photos of your company. Send us a question if you want to know more about us.

Ciranova is a brand that, since 1929, has been manufacturing chemical products and tools for discoloration and protection of wood. These are, above all, oils, varnishes, waxes, jet beacons, brushes.
Ciranova products are primarily intended for manufacturers of wooden floors, wooden furniture, companies that deal with the distribution of chemical products for parquet and wood products manufacturers.

Navylam + is exclusive floorboards for exotic species for use in high humidity areas that come in contact with water (eg bathrooms, spa areas, kitchens, pools and saunas, recreation areas). Another name for Navylam + is the floor on the ships. Navylam + can also be mounted on walls and as a traditional exclusive parquet (suitable for heating a warm floor).
Types of wood: acacia, doussie, iroko, mutenye, teak, wenge.

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