Dikey Ebatlama Tezgahları FULLPOWER PS-8CS / PS-10CS / PS-12CS Yeni Tayvan

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Kategori tipi Masif ağaç, ahşap esaslı panel malzemeler ve plastik malzemelerin işlenmesi için
Kategori Dikey ebatlama tezgahları
Model PS-8CS / PS-10CS / PS-12CS


Öğenin Durumu Yeni
Üretim tarihi 2017
Hacim 1 Dönüştürmek
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    Computerized Panel Saw (PS-8CS / PS-10CS / PS-12CS)

    - Colorful Touch-Sensing Screen.
    - Saw Carriage Travels Controlled through a Frequency Inverter for Variable Speed Change.
    - Panel Feed Mechanism is Driven by a Japan Mitsubishi Servo Motor.
    - Panel Feed is Transmitted through Precision Rack.
    - Automatic Lubrication System.

    With features of high precision and high efficiency, Fulpow computerized panel saw has been fully satisfying each customer. The Fulpow computerized panel saw is equipped with a well-planned computer control, making the panel cutting easier and more efficient.

    High Positioning Accuracy! High Torque Output!

    Feed Transmitted through Rack
    - Precision racks are mounted at both sides of the panel feed mechanism to assure panel feed motion smoothness.
    - Automatic lubrication to rack surfaces for increased smoothness of panel feed motion.

    Panel Feed Driven by Servo Motor
    - The machine employs a high performance servo motor for panel feed drive, allowing high accuracy positioning and fast movement.
    - High torque output ensures excellent positioning accuracy, even feeding heavy panels.

    Floating Table
    - The machine is equipped with 3 sets of floating tables for mounting in front of the machine.
    - The floating table employs steel balls floating principle, allowing panel to be moved without effort.
    - Ruggedly constructed floating table features outstanding stability.
    - The 3 sets of floating table uses a high-pressure blower, providing increased loading capacity.

    Suspending Gripper System
    - The grippers are suspension designed for increased smoothness in panel feeding.
    - Maximum gripping thickness is 95mm.
    - Each gripper is activated by individual air cylinder with adjustable air pressure.

    Automatic Side Pressing Device for Panel
    - The machine is equipped with two automatic side pressing ***** performing panel cutting, the side pressing rollers will press the panel against the fence.
    This may ensure high squareness accuracy after cutting.

    Piano-key Type Dust Guard (Enclosed dust guard effect)
    - The piano-key type dust guard consists of a number of sectional blocks.
    It provides an enclosed dust guard effect according to panel width, featuring outstanding dust guard performance.
    - The piano-key type dust guard is equipped with pressure beam and elevates synchronously with the pressure beam.
    - The sectional blocks are manufactured from durable plastic with features of impact-resistance and long service life.

    Personalized Human Machine Interface Control
    It is designed with operational convenience in mind, including sizes editing, cutting motion control and monitoring. This makes panel cutting operations easy and efficient.
    Fulpow computerized panel saw is equipped with a multi-function human-machine interfacing control.
    All displays are carefully planned, that dramatically increases convenience of ***** addition, the error display allows for increased convenience in maintenance.

    Variable Feed Speed (Saw carriage)
    - The saw carriage feed is driven by a 2hp motor combined with frequency inverter control, allowing for variable speed change.
    This makes the machine suitable for cutting various materials of panel.
    - The saw carriage feed speed can be adjusted by turning a speed regulation knob, provided on the control panel.

    Saw Carriage
    The saw carriage is a critical mechanism of a panel saw.
    Fulpow emphasizes precision machining for each part on the saw carriage, which is then carefully assembled.
    Besides, each saw carriage is long-time tested before mounting on a panel saw.

    Saw Carriage Features:
    - Saw carriage feed is transmitted through a steel wire.
    - Variable feed speed of saw carriage.
    - The scoring sawblade allows for vertical and right/left adjustment.
    - The saw carriage stroke is controlled by computer setting.

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