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Tür Kutu Palet
durum yeni


Hacim 48 m3 Spot - 1 kez
Ağaç türlerinin türü Asya yumuşak ağaçlar
Tür Göknar (Abies) (Asya), Çin çamı (Pinus tabulaeformis), Ladin (Picea) (Asya)
Yükseklik 100+ mm
Genişlik 100+ mm
Uzunluk 100+ mm
Tanım Quick Crate ~can be quickly demolished and reorganized, has been repeatedly used up to 100 times.
Single person can do, do not take up too much space after the demolition, load and functionality equivalent to the way to do the nail box.

Scope of application:
1. Aviation industry, automobile, motorcycle, hand tools, copper foil, chemicals, electronic spare parts, screws, machine and other related industries different industry products delivery.
2. The foreign exhibiton and trade fairs the exhibits products delivery .
3. Products have the different parts to assembly and need to be completed in different place and returnable to use.
4. High value high protection the products packaging and transportation.

‧ exempt from heat treatment to save export costs
‧ Reusable, reduce procurement costs
‧Easy to disassemble
‧ Can be used with shock display and tilt display

Video link:
***** / static load: customized according to customer needs
Into the fork direction: two-way / four-way can be 2-way & 4-way
Carrier: hydraulic pallet truck / forklift can be hand pallet truck / forklift

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