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Ana tip Ağaç Yongaları – Kabuk – Talaş
Tür Kullanılmış Ahşaptan Ağaç Yongaları


Hacim 27 m3 Spot - 1 kez
Ağaç türlerinin türü Avrupa Yumuşak ahşap
Tür Tüm türler
Çap 25 mm
Tanım firewood processing, sales, supply and delivery business.We supply a variety of customers in the greater South Africa provinces with selected quality hard burning firewood. Our customers range from Pizzeria’s, residential homes, entertainment venues, garages, corporate, hotels, Guest houses, restaurants/bars and supermarkets.
We set ourselves apart from most firewood suppliers by only supplying dry hard burning timber cut to the required specs for various types of fireplaces and applications.
We are able to supply season dried, hardwood, Namibian, wattle, Redwood approved firewood of high quality and quantity all over South Africa at very good competitive prices.Only alien and invasive species are used, thus environmentally friendly,Will get other wood if requested.Wood are packed from 7kg to 12kg per bag and the price is R4 per bag. Bulk purchase could be discounted depending on the quantity you are willing to buy.
Our wood is cut to different sizes to cater to all makes and sizes of fireplaces, stoves and braais. We deliver seasonally dried firewood all year round.
We aim to become your preferred supplier of firewood. This by reasonable prices and quality service. We would like all our customers to have a warm smile on their faces.

Transportation and delivery available within 24-72 hours anywhere of your choice

For all your order and inquiries, Contact us *****

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