• ormancılık
  • Temmuz 09, 2020 12:57

Gabon: New tax laws aim to encourage more wood processing

The government of Gabon has passed new laws that will come into effect in 2021 and will affect the forestry and timber sectors. The tax structure has been reset with the aim of encouraging processing for export...... [Daha fazla…...]

  • Corona Virüsü
  • Temmuz 09, 2020 11:37

European imports of Chinese plywood disrupted

Total plywood imports by the EU27+UK (excluding internal trade) dropped by 16% to 1.58 million cu.m from January through April this year compared to the same four months last year. This follows a dip of 5.3% to 4.4 million cu.m for the full year in 2019...... [Daha fazla…...]

  • Corona Virüsü
  • Temmuz 09, 2020 10:31

Norbord reviews and updates their COVID-19 response

Norbord has recently provided a review and an update on their response to the COVID-19 pandemic...... [Daha fazla…...]

  • Corona Virüsü
  • Temmuz 08, 2020 11:21

Brexit ‘rears its head’ once more

In a recent blog post, the UK TTF Managing Director David Hopkin notes that “just when we thought it was safe to go back into work from COVID-19, the lurking beast of Brexit has reared its head once more”. Mr. Hopkins was responding to issues raised by UK government announcements on the VAT and trade tariff regime planned to be implemented in the UK after the current Brexit transition period has ended, from 1st January 2021, in the event of no deal with the EU – or even in the event of a deal being reached...... [Daha fazla…...]

  • Paneller
  • Temmuz 08, 2020 10:19

Chinese flooring manufacturer to invest over USD 70 million in a new USA plant

Creative Flooring Solutions (CFL), a Chinese manufacturer of laminate, wood, and luxury vinyl flooring, will invest more than USD 70 million in a new manufacturing facility in the U.S. state of Georgia...... [Daha fazla…...]

  • Corona Virüsü
  • Temmuz 06, 2020 10:34

Vietnam wood products export/import update

Between January and 15 June 2020 the value of Wood and Wood Product (W&WP) exports from Vietnam was US$4.528 billion (WP exports: US$3.189 billion, W exports: US$1.339 billion). Over the same period exports of both W&WP increased around 2% compared to the same period of last year...... [Daha fazla…...]

  • Paneller
  • Temmuz 03, 2020 12:54

Japan reports import declining In April

Year on year, the value of Japan's wooden door imports in April dropped a further 16% adding to the year on year decline seen in March. April import values for wooden doors (HS441820) dipped 8% from March. As in previous months shippers in China and the Philippines dominated... [Daha fazla…...]

  • ormancılık
  • Temmuz 03, 2020 10:28

Switzerland: a lot of beetle wood and lower construction activity expected

The Swiss timber market has so far navigated the pandemic "relatively well", the Swiss Timber Commission (HMK), which met in Bern on June 24, assessed the current situation. Many construction projects approved last year are currently in the implementation phase. The sawing... [Daha fazla…...]

  • Corona Virüsü
  • Temmuz 02, 2020 18:26

Brazilian exports partially signal falling unit prices

In May 2020, the value of Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) dropped 13.5% compared to May 2019, from US$ 273.3 million to US$ 236.3 million. The value of pine sawnwood exports declined 9% between May 2019 (US$47.7 million) and May 2020... [Daha fazla…...]

  • Ağaç işleme
  • Temmuz 02, 2020 17:04

Ghana: Exports down by 33% in the first quarter

The volume of wood products exported during the first quarter of 2020 totalled 54,022 m3 earning € 26.58 million. Compared to the 2019 figure of 80,139 m3 (€ 41.76 million), the volume and value of exports were down by a third in the first quarter of 2020. Which suggests that, despite... [Daha fazla…...]

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