Germany: Lower Saxony timber submission brought record prices again

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On January 19, 2022, the bid opening of the 31st Northeim variegated hardwood and oak timber submission took place. A total of 1,243 m3 (2021: 1,258 m3) of hardwood in 521 lots (2021: 561 lots) were offered at the Suterode and Liebenburg wood storage yards of the Lower Saxony State Forests (NLF). All lots were awarded the contract. More than half of the supply was supplied from cooperative forests managed by the NLF. A third of the offer came from the Lower Saxony state forests, further quantities were offered by municipal forests and private forest owners.

7500 bids from 43 bidders exceeded all expectations and the interest in oak was particularly pleasing. For the 362 oak lots (2021: 383 lots), 37 bidders submitted a total of 6499 bids (2021: 3350 bids) and thus 18 bids per oak lot (2021: 8.7 bids per oak lot). The average oak price of €961/m3 far exceeds the all-time high of €735/m3 achieved in 2021 in the NLF’s valuable wood storage areas.

The average price of the ash also rose again to €279/m3 (2021: €257/m3), for the 115 lots (2021: 147 lots) with a total of 277 m3 (2021: 387 m3) there were 17 bidders (2021: 16 bidders). ) an average of 6.6 bids per lot (2021: 5.2 bids per lot).

For the first time in almost 20 years, the Lower Saxony State Forests have submitted beech again. "With the offer of the small amount of valuable beech wood from the Lower Saxony forest office in Reinhausen, we dared to try it, and an average price of €177/sm³ was achieved," notes Dr. Christof Oldenburg, Head of Wood Sales South, is satisfied. A total of 17 FM beech were offered in 6 individual lots. The highest bid was €223/m3 for a beech with 3.65 m3.

The range was completed by a small selection of other hardwoods, including sycamore (35 sm3 at €363/sm3), cherry (17 sm3 at €295/sm3) and individual lots of red oak (2 sm3 at €439/sm3), Norway maple (2 sbm at 161 €/sbm), checkerberry (1 sbm at 603 €/sbm) and elm (3 sbm at 1,104 €/sbm).

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