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Pandemic hits US hardwood exports to China

In the first two months of 2020 the total export value of US hardwoods to China and Southeast Asia was US$241.5 million, down 7.6% compared to the same period of 2019...... [Daha fazla…...]

Stimulus of € 700 million for German forests

The Federal Government will offer € 700 million to deal with the damage in the German forest after two years of drought. The sustainable management of forests should be promoted as well as digitalization in forestry...... [Daha fazla…...]

Dramatic decline in Chinese log imports from ASEAN

China Customs data is showing that China’s log imports from ASEAN in the first quarter of 2020 were 14,209 cubic metres valued at US$16.5 million, a drastic decline of over 90%...... [Daha fazla…...]

Södra appoints new President and CEO

The Board of Södra has appointed Lotta Lyrå as new President and CEO. She will take office this year and thereby replace CFO Peter Karlsson, who has been Interim President since 20 February this year...... [Daha fazla…...]

Austria: Price of wood pellets decreasing in April

The price survey done by proPellets Austria resulted in an average price of 22.60 €-Cent per kg of wood pellets or 4.61 Cent per kWh...... [Daha fazla…...]

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N. American lumber prices continue rising trend

Sawmills across North America looked toward the end of summer after mid-May, as lumber prices continued to rise but sales volumes were unsteady...... [Daha fazla…...]

Pandemic control measures by Brazilian government and action by companies in the forest sector

The increase of corona virus cases in Brazil has put pressure on the Federal Government to adopt more active measures to contain the spread. However, the most effective procedure, according to the Ministry of Health, is social isolation...... [Daha fazla…...]

Sharp decline in sawnwood imports from ASEAN

According to China Customs sawnwood Chinese imports from ASEAN countries in the first quarter of 2020 totalled 862,056 cubic metres valued at US$254 million, down 81% in volume and 82% in value respectively over the same period of 2019...... [Daha fazla…...]

New Zealand's log exports fell sharply in April 2020; average export prices up

New Zealand's log exports fell sharply in April 2020 after logging operations were suspended during alert level 4, but average prices per cubic meter picked up...... [Daha fazla…...]

Brazil-US timber trade facilitation

The Brazilian timber industry, represented by the Brazilian Association for Mechanically Processed Timber (ABIMCI), recently sent a written request to the governments of Brazil and the United States urging both sides to facilitate trade and good practices between the two countries...... [Daha fazla…...]

sayfa 1 arasında 1719

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French oak market marked by uncertainty

French oak market marked by uncertainty

After 4 weeks of interruption, sales resumed in April in France's public forests. Because of the lockdown measures, they all took place online....... [ Daha fazla…...]

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Survey: Coronavirus pandemic causes major burden to global wood industry companies

Survey: Coronavirus pandemic causes major burden to global wood industry companies

Most wood industry businesses have to face now some serious consequences from the coronavirus pandemic, moreover the vast majority is pessimistic about the near-term outlook...... [ Daha fazla…...]

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Coronavirus: Chinese trade coming back to life after disastrous Jan-Feb

China made significant progress in kick starting its imports and exports in the last week/days. Data from Cargometric showed that seaborne imports to China surpassed levels before the Chinese New year...... [ Daha fazla…...]

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