Rustproof alternative to steel nails for the timber industry

Vytec Fasteners/Fordaq
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Whether for marking wood, in construction or in the furniture, window and door industry or in the packaging industry: metal fasteners are often essential for logistics processes and for the completion of wood products. However, the current market and logistics challenges are making these components, which were previously perceived as always available, a scarce resource, at least at times. That's why Vytec Fasteners is increasingly turning to the timber industry with its range of high-quality polymer fasteners. The supplier of staples and nails made from engineering polymer composites offers an immediately available alternative to steel and other metal products that also poses no risk to saws and other tools.

"Another advantage is that our products do not rust," explains Vytec Fasteners Managing Director Aleksandar Blazevic Cabach. “They are also heat resistant up to 170°C and non-conductive.” The Fordaq Gold member company also advises on the right tools, such as nail guns or staplers.

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