Prices of teak logs, sawnwood and plywood in India

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The series of auctions in Central India continued and prices were firmer as buyers were active having refused to participate in the sales in Gujarat.

Auction sales at depots of Western India Because many buyers refused to attend the most recent eauction as the terms of trade and the transparency in dealings were considered unacceptable the sales were postponed.

Domestic natural forest teak logs are preferred over imported plantation teak as logs from domestic forests are of a greater diameter and thus the sap is proportionally smaller which results in higher recovery rates. Teak log buyers are hopeful that their concerns on the eauction process can be address providing for a quick resumption of sales to clear the backlog of timber in the depots.

US$4.5 billion investment in housing

The CREDAI newsletter of December last year reported the real estate sector attracted US$4.5 billion in investments between January and September last year with Mumbai topping the list of recipients. Of the total investment, land and development stage transactions attracted nearly 60 per cent from domestic as well as foreign entities.

Re-zoning Mumbai to boost housing development

In related news the VOX news site has an analysis of the negative impact of restrictions on residential housing in India and the initiative of the government to rezone parts of Mumbai.

This rezoning says Matthew Yglesias in the VOX write-up “is probably the most important urban-policy development in the world today. It should fairly dramatically increase living standards in one of the biggest cities on the planet and possibly do a great deal to drive economic growth forward throughout India.”

The VOX report says “Greater Mumbai's governing authority is proposing a sweeping change to the permitted Floor Space Index (FSI, the ratio of a building's total floor area to the size of the piece of land upon which it is built).

Under the plan, Mumbai is set to be divided into five zones with an FSI of 8 allowed in the very densest areas and FSIs in the 5-6 range in places well-served by mass transit. Fifty-eight percent of the city's land area would remain below 3.5, resulting in an increase in the amount of building allowed in many areas.

Because Mumbai offers job opportunities people continue to move into the city putting a massive strain on housing development which is constrained by regulations which have not keep pace with urbanisation. The VOX report says in 2009 the Mumbai resident had an average residential space only 12% of that of Shanghai residents.”

Domestic natural forest teak log prices

4-5 m length    
91 cms & up girth 1800-2000  
76 to 90 cms girth 1700-1800  
61 to 75 cms girth 1400-1600  
46 to 60 cms girth 1200-1350  
3-4 m length    
91 cms & up girth 1450-1550  
76 to 90 cms girth 1300-1400  
61 to 75 cms girth 1250-1350  
46 to 60 cms girth 1000-1100  
2-3m length    
91 cms & up girth 1250-1300  
76 to 90 cms girth 1100-1200  
61 to 75 cms girth 1000-1100  
46 to 60 cms girth 900-1000  


Current C&F prices for plantation teak

C&F prices have not changed over the past two weeks

  US$ per m3
Belize logs 350-400
Benin logs 367-680
Benin sawn 530-872
Brazil logs 402-797
Brazil squares 390-680
Cameroon logs 365-510
Colombia logs 520-650
Congo logs 380-710
Costa Rica logs 414-840
Côte d'Ivoire logs 303-720
Ecuador squares 315-540
El-Salvador logs 377-712
Ghana logs 286-650
Guatemala logs 404-550
Guyana logs 300-450
Uganda teak sawn 680-900
Kenya logs 350-600
Laos logs 300-605
Liberia logs 350-460
Malaysian teak logs 363-525
Nicaragua logs 350-596
Panama logs 319-750
PNG logs 400-575
Sudan logs 479-820
Tanzania, teak, sawn 307-885
Thailand logs 460-700
Togo logs 230-715
Trinidad and Tobago logs 420-680
Uganda logs 408-860
Uganda Teak sawn 680-900

Variations are based on quality, length and average girth of logs

Prices for domestically milled sawnwood from imported logs

Current exmill prices for air dried sawnwood are shown below. Prices have not changed over the past two weeks.

Sawnwood, (Ex-mill) (AD) Rs. per ft3
Red Meranti
Radiata pine AD

Variations are based on quality, length and average girth of logs

Prices for domestically milled Myanmar teak

Prices are generally stable but prices for decking have seen a correction.

Sawnwood (Ex-mill) Rs. per ft3
Myanmar Teak (AD)  
Export Grade F.E.Q.
Plantation Teak A grade
Plantation Teak B grade
Plantation Teak FAS grade

Price variations depend mainly on length and cross section

Imported 12% KD sawn wood prices per cu.ft ex-warehouse

No price changes have been reported.

Sawnwood, (Ex-warehouse) (KD) Rs per ft3
Beech 1300-1350
Sycamore 1300-1400
Red oak 1500-1650
White Oak 1600-1800
American Walnut 2300-2400
Hemlock clear grade 1300-1400
Hemlock AB grade 1100-1200
Western Red Cedar 1600-1650
Douglas Fir 1200-1300

Price variations depend mainly on length and cross section.

Prices for WBP Marine grade plywood from domestic mills

Plywood, Rs per sq.ft
Ex-warehouse. (MR Quality)  
4 mm 40.00
6 mm 53.50
9 mm 67.75
12 mm 84.00
15 mm 111.00
18 mm 117.00


Domestic ex-warehouse prices for locally manufactured MR plywood

Locally Manufactured
Plywood “Commercial
Rs per sq.ft
  Rubberwood Hardwood
4mm Rs.20.40 Rs.30.20
6mm Rs.31.00 Rs.38.85
8mm Rs.39.00 Rs.47.00
12mm Rs.46.40 Rs.57.00
15mm Rs.57.00 Rs.69.50
19mm RS.66.00 Rs.78.00
5mm Flexible ply Rs.41.25  
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