Ikea opens first store in Estonia

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In 2019 Ikea entered the Estonian market digitally with e-commerce and the opening of an Ikea Pick up and order point. With the opening of the Ikea Tallinn store, Estonia will become a full fledge market.

The Ikea Tallinn store located 20 minutes from the capital city centre, by Kurna village, offers more than 9,000 home furnishing products and solutions for smarter and more sustainable living. It has been developed with the needs and dreams of local people in mind, e.g. the 53 rooms at the Ikea store showroom will show solutions adjusted to the living spaces and situations common in Estonia.

The Ikea Tallinn store will have unique elements like a glass house dedicated to green plants, outdoor solutions and self-check-outs for an even better customer experience.

"At Ikea, we are driven by a passion for life at home. With the vision to create a better everyday life for the many people, we offer a wide range of home furnishing items, which are affordable for the many. Low price, every day, is our commitment to the many consumers in Estonia, along with the good design, functionality, sustainability and quality of our products," says Ian Strickland, Retail Manager for Ikea Baltics.

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