Spruce log prices in Germany partly declining in the 4th quarter

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In the fourth quarter, the demand for fresh spruce logs in Germany was mostly more subdued than in the summer. However, long logs and fix lengths remain in some regions in great demand and achieve consistently high prices. For long logs B/C 2b sometimes there are 105 to 110 €/m3 called up. Logs in B quality of strength class 2b are marketed for 74 to 100 €/m3. According to information from various forest owner associations, beetle wood is up to 25 €/m3 below the average value of the respective range. However, the fixed meter prices for beetle wood are predominantly specified as 65 to 75 € (B/C 2b) and C/D 2b+ is sometimes marketed for up to 75 €/fm as well.

Pine logs are seeing mostly stable demand and pricing. B/C 2b is offered for 65 to 70 €/m3.

Oak logs continue to enjoy great popularity, especially with B 3a +. The average cubic meter here is € 142. B 4 has a range from 260 to 390 €/m3 and B 5/6 is priced between 273 and 520 €/m3. C 5 achieves an average of € 152/m3.

Beech logs are in constant demand and are marketed in B quality and strength class 4 for 80 to 115 €/m3 - 5/6 is a maximum of € 138/m3. For C quality in strength class 4, the figures are between 65 and 90 €/m3.

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