EU: Price of wood pellets imported from the US lower than the average

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EU import prices of wood pellets from the United States are generally cheaper than from other major origin countries. As can be calculated from the latest figures of Eurostat, wood pellets acquired by the European countries from the U.S., in the first seven months of this year, are 17% cheaper than the overall import price: one tonne of imported pellets from the U.S. costs € 139, lower by € 24 than the EU average purchase price (€ 163).

Moreover, in the same period, the price of pellets bought from U.S. has been stable, even declining by -1%. At the same time, an upward price trend can be noticed in EU overall imports, which has increased by 3% (see infographic below).

Among the major EU source countries, pellets acquired from Germany and Austria are the most expensive and cost over € 215/tonne, while those from the Baltic countries, such as Latvia and Estonia, have a price over € 140/t. Slightly cheaper pellets than those bought from the U.S. come from Portugal and Russia, though still in the range of € 130/t.

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seems that the last graphic has a couple of errors. It shows that BC is part of US as an exporter and that UK imports declined 14 over 13 ? yet still show an increase %