Carpentier sells 6 drying units in La Palme, France

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Due to strategic changes in the product range to favour more finished products, Carpentier sells its 6 Baschild drying units (all in one building) in La Palme (France). The sale comprises 3,6 acre plot, a Baschild building housing all equipment and the office, 6 dryers with 90 m3 capacity each including a Weiss boiler. Next to the dryers, there is a Joulin sticking/desticking machine, Telehandler forklift and other equipment.  

Carpentier has played an active part in the wood industry since 1958, selling more than 20,000 m3 of European hardwood every year worldwide.

Oak has always been its primary specialty but the focus is increasingly turning towards thermo ash and pine – HOTwood – and ecological species such as acoya & bamboo.

The company concentrates on cladding & decking but also on fully finished products such as wooden outbuildings, wood sun screens, wooden gates etc. in ready-made kits with assembly instructions.

Carpentier takes care that each of the wood products is produced to the highest standards.

For more information, call Carpentier at +32 475 253 547 or send an e-mail to stefan[at] 

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