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Jan 2021

Central/West Africa: Signs of orders recovering but prices easing

As businesses in importing countries adapt to working with the coronavirus risk trade has started to revive and some FOB price movements have been reported... [Daha fazla ... ]

Mar 2017

Ghana: Prices for exported wood products

Latest prices in Ghana for exported logs, sawnwood, veneer and plywood... [Daha fazla ... ]

Jan 2016

Ghana: Prices for exported wood products

Latest prices in Ghana for exported logs, sawnwood, veneer and plywood... [Daha fazla ... ]

Jul 2015

Ghana: Latest prices for exported wood products

Ghana's export of wood products for the first three months of 2015 totalled 81,518 cu.m, some 48% more than for same period in 2014 and resulted in earnings of euro 43 million, almost double that in the first quarter 2014. [Daha fazla ... ]

Feb 2015

Ghana: Current prices for exported wood products

Latest prices in Ghana for exported logs, sawnwood, veneer and plywood... [Daha fazla ... ]

Oct 2013

Ghana: sawnwood prices increased

Manufacturing and trading costs will increase as utility prices... [Daha fazla ... ]

Sep 2013

Ghana: current prices for log, sawnwood, veneer and panels

A workshop organised by the Working Group on Forest Certification, established to support the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) process, has been held in Accra... [Daha fazla ... ]

Aug 2013

Ghana: log and sawnwood prices rise

On the 15th July the inaugural meeting of the five-nation ECOWAS Steering Committee on the upgrading of the 1,030 km Abidjan-Lagos corridor road project met to begin work on the legal and institutional framework, the terms of reference for various studies and on finance and resource mobilisation. [Daha fazla ... ]

Ghana: encouraging first six month export performance

According to available data from the Timber Industry Development Division (TIDD) of the Forestry Commission, wood product exports from Ghana in the first six months of 2013 was... [Daha fazla ... ]

Jul 2013

Ghana: current prices for log, sawnwood, veneer and panels

Ghanaian businesses are preparing to attend two international timber trade fairs scheduled for later in the year. [Daha fazla ... ]

Jun 2013

Ghana: VPA rules of arbitration and procedure agreed

Ghana’s Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Alhaji Fuseini has said the country’s cooperation with the EU and others will continue until illegal logging and trade in illegally sourced and manufactured wood products is eliminated. [Daha fazla ... ]

Ghana: EU remains main export market

Of the total Euro 29.48 million in export earnings from wood products in the first quarter Europe emerged as the major destination accounting for 41% of the trade. Imports by countries in Asia accounted for 25%, and this was closely followed by imports by African countries at 23%. [Daha fazla ... ]

May 2013

Ghana’s timber exports register growth

Ghana earned euro 9.17 million from the export of 21,028 cubic metres of wood products in January... [Daha fazla ... ]

Ghana: Getting to grips with illegal chainsaw milling

The Forest Services Division of the Forestry Commission has begun a pilot project on artisan milling as part of measures aimed at curbing illegal chainsaw milling... [Daha fazla ... ]

Apr 2013

Ghana: FC drafts policy to rein in illegal wood in domestic market

The Forestry Commission (FC) of Ghana and Tropenbos International Ghana are jointly working together to draft a policy that will ensure a supply of legal timber to the domestic market... [Daha fazla ... ]

Ghana: 2012 exports disappoint

According to data from the Timber Inspection Development Division (TIDD) of the Forestry Commission (FC), the total volume of wood products export for the period January to December 2012 was 251,346 cubic metres... [Daha fazla ... ]

Mar 2013

Ghana: Takoradi Port development to benefit exporters

The port at Takoradi was the first to be built in Ghana and is now the second largest in the country... [Daha fazla ... ]

Ghana: Creating awareness on the EUTR in EU member states

A team from the Ghana Forestry Commission (GFC) visited key importers in EU member states to exchange views and inform buyers, officials from EU competent authorities, customs and timber trade federations on the interim arrangements Ghana is putting in place before it is in a position to provide FLEGT Licensed wood products... [Daha fazla ... ]

Feb 2013

Implementation of VPA in Ghana

The Government of Ghana and the EU concluded negotiations on a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) in September, 2008 and both parties signed the world’s first FLEGT VPA on November, 20th 2009... [Daha fazla ... ]

Ghana: Forestry Commission gears up preparations for EUTR

A three member Ghanaian delegation is in Europe to participate in a series of meetings to create awareness of the interim arrangements that Ghana has put in place to ensure the supply of legal timber to the EU market in advance of the adoption in Ghana of the FLEGT licensing system... [Daha fazla ... ]

Jan 2013

Ghana Revises Forest and Wildlife Policy

Ghana’s cabinet has recently approved the revised Forest and Wildlife Policy which the focuses on the non-consumptive values of the forest including protection of water bodies, conservation of biological diversity and ecotourism... [Daha fazla ... ]

Dec 2011

Ghana: Third quarter exports continue downward trend

Data on contract approvals by the Timber Industry Development Division (TIDD), show that exports of timber and wood products continue to decline.. [Daha fazla ... ]

Ghana: Export permits drop by a third in July-September period

A total of 1,235 export permits were processed, approved and issued by the Timber Industry Development Division (TIDD) during the third quarter, covering shipments of timber and wood products through the ports of Takoradi and Tema, as well as overland exports to neighbouring ECOWAS countries... [Daha fazla ... ]

Ghana: Firm demand at low prices an issue in the US market

In contrast, exporters of mahogany sawnwood to the US market were, with a few exceptions, unable to satisfy the GSP... [Daha fazla ... ]

Nov 2011

Ghana’s timber export performance

According to Ghana Timber Industry Development Division (TIDD) report, a total of Euro 8,439 million was realised from a volume of 24,116 cu.m of wood products exported in September this year... [Daha fazla ... ]