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Toplam Alan 1.600 ha
(*)LBL_SpecieType Güney Amerika yumuşak ağaçlar
Main stand cedro rosado y rojo
Tanım I am selling timber extraction contract for BLACK WALNUT, RED AND PINK CEDAR, RED CEBIL, YELLOW AND BLACK LAUREL, TIPA BLANCA, among other varieties. The woods were cut between 4 and 5 years ago and are found in the forest, grouped in different zones. The approximate volume of wood in rolls is 720.000M3, ready to extract, we have to finish a part of the road (approximately 1.5Kms) where most of the rolls are, the logistics to extract and finish roads is ready to proceed. There is at the foot of the field, exercise electricity, if you want to assemble sawmill and 700 meters of asphalt or route. The contract is for 5 years and once finished extracting these rolls, task less than a year of work, there are standing timber for several years of harvest. I await inquiries from interested parties. - Translated with google

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