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  • ormancılık
  • Aralık 15, 2017 12:24

Profits of largest timber companies in Russia on an upward trend

The 100 largest companies of the timber industry of Russia have provided 56% of the revenues of the entire Russian forestry sector in 2016... [Daha fazla…...]

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  • Aralık 15, 2017 09:21

Holzindustrie Schweighofer might build a sawmill in Belarus

Holzindustrie Schweighofer might start the construction of a wood processing plant in Grodno Oblast, Belarus... [Daha fazla…...]

  • Piyasa Fiyatları
  • Aralık 14, 2017 15:01

Canadian lumber exports to the US drop in volume

The softwood lumber exports from Canada to the US went down since the Trump administration applied new duties earlier this year. Yet, due to the record wood prices the Canadian industry isn't experiencing much from the trade fight... [Daha fazla…...]

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  • Aralık 14, 2017 10:24

American Wood Council elects new members of its board of directors

The American Wood Council (AWC) elected Roseburg Forest Products CEO Allyn Ford as the AWC chairman for a one-year term, effective in January 2018... [Daha fazla…...]

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  • Aralık 13, 2017 15:22

US lumber production up by 3.2% in the first nine months of 2017

U.S. sawmills produced 25.509 billion board ft. (bbf) of softwood lumber in the first nine months of 2017, an increase of 3.2% from 24.730 bbf in the same period of 2016... [Daha fazla…...]

  • ormancılık
  • Aralık 13, 2017 11:57

Russia: sawn timber export value up by 25.5%

In the first ten months of 2017, Russia increased its sawn timber exports again, both in value and in volume terms, indicate the statistics ... [Daha fazla…...]

  • Piyasa Fiyatları
  • Aralık 13, 2017 10:03

Record high prices for softwood lumber in North America

Record high prices for softwood lumber in North America in the 3Q/17 and rising lumber export prices in Sweden, Finland and Russia were reported, as lumber demand picks up in key markets... [Daha fazla…...]

  • Piyasa Fiyatları
  • Aralık 13, 2017 09:19

France: Lumber prices, Q3/2017

French research center CEEB (Centre d’Etudes de l’Economie du Bois) together with the national wood federation FNB (Federation Nationale du Bois) quarterly publish average prices for French lumber...... [Daha fazla…...]

  • ormancılık
  • Aralık 13, 2017 08:17

Brazil: Exports of products up 44% in October

In October 2017, the value of Brazilian exports of woodbased products (except pulp and paper) increased 44% compared to October 2016, from US$ 86.8 million to US$ 69.0 million... [Daha fazla…...]

  • ormancılık
  • Aralık 12, 2017 12:10

China: New wood product trading centre

The Chongqing Traffic and Transportation Group has invested RMB2.5 billion to establish an international wood products trading centre in the Jiangjin Comprehensive Bonded Zone in Chongqing municipality... [Daha fazla…...]

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