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  • Selüloz ve Kağıt
  • Ekim 19, 2017 12:35

Russia: pulp exports down in Jan-Aug 2017

In January-August 2017, Russian pulp exports decreased year-on-year, indicate the statistics... [Daha fazla…...]

  • ormancılık
  • Ekim 19, 2017 12:23

Vietnam's wood products exports expected to hit US$ 8 billion this year

Vietnam's exports of wood and timber products is forecast to reach US$8 billion in 2017, representing a 17% y-o-y increase and surpassing the target of $7-7.5 billion set earlier this year... [Daha fazla…...]

  • Paneller
  • Ekim 19, 2017 10:33

Brazilian wood panel and laminate flooring output

In 2016, Brazilian production of reconstituted woodbased panels dropped 2.4% compared to 2015, ending the year at 7.3 million cu.m. Production of MDF/HDF and HB fell 8.8% and 8.9%... [Daha fazla…...]

Ahşap Yapı
  • Ahşap Yapı
  • Ekim 19, 2017 09:28

Production in construction down by 0.2% in euro area

In August 2017 compared with July 2017, seasonally adjusted production in the construction sector decreased by 0.2% in the euro area (EA19) and by 0.4% in the EU28... [Daha fazla…...]

  • ormancılık
  • Ekim 19, 2017 08:52

Indonesia: Talks started on rattan export regulations

The government and the private sector are discussing the recent changes to the rattan export restrictions and will begin by analysing supply and demand. Recent changes in the rules on rattan exports allows the export of semiprocessed rattan... [Daha fazla…...]

  • İç Mekan
  • Ekim 19, 2017 08:51

The Finnish Honkarakenne delivers 2,500th house in Russia

The 2,500th Honka log home will soon be completed in Russia, providing a second home of 1,080 square metres for a family from St. Petersburg. Honkarakenne, currently preparing for its 60th anniversary, has been operating in the Russian market for more than 20 years... [Daha fazla…...]

  • Selüloz ve Kağıt
  • Ekim 18, 2017 15:51

Olle Dahlin leaves Rottneros AB

Olle Dahlin, Managing Director of Rottneros Mill and member of Group Management for Rottneros AB, is leaving his position. Olle will stay and assist with the handover until 30 November, at the longest. The mill has undergone a ...... [Daha fazla…...]

  • İç Mekan
  • Ekim 18, 2017 15:09

Italian wood furniture consumption receives boost from national economy

According to the latest Eurostat data, EU wood furniture consumption increased 3% to Euro36.7 billion in 2016.... [Daha fazla…...]

  • Ağaç işleme
  • Ekim 18, 2017 14:36

Universal Forest Products reports Q3 net earnings up 21% year-over-year

Universal Forest Products, Inc. reported record financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2017. The company’s net sales rose 28 percent over the same quarter of 2016, ... [Daha fazla…...]

  • ormancılık
  • Ekim 18, 2017 13:33

Myanmar closer to FLEGT-VPA

The Myanmar government has recently taken another step to join a EU-led agreement to combat illegal logging and forest management... [Daha fazla…...]

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Stable Swedish softwood lumber exports

In May 2017, the Swedish sawmills exported the same amount of softwood lumber in sawn and planed form, as compared to the previous month... [ Daha fazla…...]

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