Norway and Germany review investment in Amazon Fund

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The Norwegian Ambassador to Brazil and representatives of the German Development Bank (KFW) visited the Integrated Center for Environmental Monitoring (CIMAM) in Belém, to discuss investments related to the Amazon Fund with the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainability of Pará (Semas) and the “Green Municipalities” Program (PMV).

The Amazon Fund promotes conservation and sustainable use of forests in the Amazon biome. The Fund’s resources are raised and managed by the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) and Norway contributes over 90% of the capital with most of the balance coming via the German Bank KFW.

The Government of Pará has invested these resources in decentralisation of environmental management and strengthened environmental monitoring in the State, acquiring the necessary infrastructure such as vehicles and equipment that support environmental inspection and activities.

During the recent meeting state representatives emphasized the development of effective mechanisms to support monitoring of environmental activities and transparency in its operations. Information is available on the official website of the Secretariat.

Other issues discussed were the Forest Products Trade and Transport System (Sisflora 2.0), the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), the Environmental Regularization Program (PRA), the Illegal Deforestation List (ILD), the Transparency Web Portal, the technologies implemented by CIMAM and the “Sustainable Pará” Programme.

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